A buyer’s guide for weed cartridge batteries

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Buy thc cartridges in Illinois If you use vape cartridges even semi-frequently, you’ve likely lost, broken, or worn out the rechargeable, 510-threaded battery at some point. You know the one: It looks like a pen, screws into your cart, and has a weed company’s logo on it. buy thc cartridges in Illinois

Odds are you bought and re-bought some version of that battery on the floor of a dispensary—probably as an afterthought to a more exciting cartridge purchase. It works until it doesn’t, which is good enough until you buy a few of them at $5-15 a pop and the spendier options start to make sense, even though they are more of an investment.

So here are our picks for quality weed cartridge batteries. You’ll save money in the long run, and you won’t have to look for that vape pen that disappeared that one night.

The lack of temp control is arguably a non-issue thanks to CCELL’s automatic voltage-calibration sensors. In fact, the shedding of buttons and options is a big part of what makes CCELL’s product line so popular.

The Silo is CCELL’s follow-up to their much-lauded Palm. Like the Palm, magnetic coupling rings enable quick releases and swift flavor swaps of different carts.

About the size of two AAA batteries, the Silo fits into a fifth pocket with room to spare. Despite its size, Silo’s clouds are in the Goldilocks zone: satisfying, not too hot, and not too cold.

For the price, build quality, and ease of operation, the Silo is a crowd-pleaser we can get behind. And if you shop around a bit, you can usually get one of these for less than pen batteries sold at dispensaries.

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